Software Application Developer - C++

San Francisco

At Ouster, we're developing advanced sensor hardware and vision algorithms for autonomous cars and drones. We're looking for software and hardware engineers interested in working on the systems that underpin modern robotics: high performance sensors, localization, mapping, object detection, tracking and classification. Our team is composed of engineers that wear many hats and enjoy building robots that cope with the messiness of the real world.

Ouster is looking for a Software Application Developer to assist in designing and implementing systems that interact with state of the art perception and localization, mapping algorithms. We are looking for an experienced C++ developer to work with our embedded software, computer vision, and cloud teams to write reliable and performant Linux applications. The ideal candidate values maintainability and testability of application code. For this, you will need to possess:


  • Deploy cutting-edge algorithms in the real world
  • Collaborate with Computer Vision and robotics experts on algorithm design and implementation
  • Write modular, maintainable and reliable C++ code
  • Write unit tests and integration tests
  • Provide debugging support for instances of the application deployed in the field


  • BS in Computer Science, Information Systems, or equivalent
  • 3+ years experience as an application developer
  • Proficient in C++11 and STL
  • Experience with Linux systems programming 


  • Experience writing performance-critical C++ applications
  • Experience with GUI development
  • Experience working in a fast-paced startup environment
  • Experience developing IoT applications 
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