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Automotive Digital Lidar

Comprehensive lidar suite for ADAS and beyond

Vehicle vision for a safer tomorrow

The global automotive industry is introducing new levels of automation that will revolutionize the safety and efficiency of transportation forever.

Cameras and radar alone cannot guarantee safe driving and traditional analog lidar is failing to meet the automotive industry’s increasing demands for performance, reliability, and commercial viability.

Safe and efficient vehicle automation requires the performance, reliability, and commercial scale made possible by digital lidar technology. The road ahead is bright with Ouster Automotive.

Introduction to Ouster Automotive

The Ouster Automotive solid-state platform lidar sensors

Solid state platform

High performance short, mid, and long range 3D perception with absolutely zero moving parts.

The Ouster scanning platform lidar sensors: the OS0, OS1, and OS2

Scanning platform

High performance 3D perception with a 360 degree field of view.

Vehicles see better with Ouster


For mass deployment of safe L2+ automated driving, carmakers need perception systems with a full suite of high performance, truly solid state, and cost effective lidar sensors. Ouster Automotive is here to help you bring safe ADAS/ADS vehicles to everyday roads across the globe.

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For an industry that thrives on operational efficiency, an autonomous trucking fleet is a dream come true. Long haul trucks need high-performance perception running around the clock in various environmental conditions.

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The robotaxi revolution requires new levels of perception performance, reliability, and scalability in order to deploy fleets in cities with varying driving conditions across the world.

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Shuttles and buses

Safety is paramount for shuttles and buses, whether they’re operating on public streets or private office campuses.

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Click to explore real point cloud data taken on a highway in San Francisco with an Ouster OS1-128 sensor.

Webinar: An Introduction to Ouster and Digital Lidar

Ouster is building scanning digital lidar sensors for autonomy in the industrial, smart infrastructure, robotics, and automotive markets. Join us to learn more about what we’re building.

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Automotive leaders choose Ouster

With a full-suite of scanning and solid state lidar sensors, Ouster has the perfect solution for your ADAS or AV design. Get started today.