Industrial Automation

Ouster sensors on autonomous mining vehicles

Digital lidar for industrial automation

High-resolution data to power the next generation of industrial machines

An autonomous agricultural mower with an Ouster lidar sensor

Build and connect the world with better lidar solutions

The industrial market is the backbone of our global supply chain. It defines the way we harvest food, mine resources, build buildings, and transport goods. The current labor shortage has caused delays and challenges across the supply chain.

Automating industrial equipment is essential to the future of that supply chain. With Ouster’s high-performance lidar, you can automate critical tasks using technology that’s as rugged as it is scalable and adaptable.

Webinar: How Fly4Future uses lidar on autonomous drones for the industrial market

Autonomous drones are becoming critical for commercial applications, from rescue missions in dangerous underground mines to efficient railway inspection. In this webinar, Fly4Future will showcase their drone solutions for industrial customers and how they’re using Ouster lidar for perception and SLAM.

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Why industrial companies partner with Ouster

Why industrial companies partner with Ouster

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Improve safety

High-resolution spatial awareness is critical to safely operating industrial equipment in dynamic environments.

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Reduce cost

Reliable digital architecture reduces the need for replacements and downtime associated cost.

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Grow market share

Leverage digital lidar to innovate current products and penetrate new markets.


Whether it's a combine harvesting a field of crops, an excavator digging trenches, or a mining truck hauling ore, heavy equipment requires technology that can perform in some of the most demanding environments. Digital lidar is able to withstand these conditions while providing high-quality spatial awareness for safe and efficient operation.

Material Handling

Improving processes and efficiency across the supply chain is critical now more than ever. High-resolution 3D lidar enables port cranes, yard trucks, and warehouse robots to safely and efficiently distribute goods from cargo ships to warehouses.

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Mounted on a moving train or stationary near a track, lidar provides fully autonomous trains, rail inspection, automated signaling, and more precise filling of railcars.

Webinar: An Introduction to Ouster and Digital Lidar

Ouster is building scanning digital lidar sensors for autonomy in the industrial, smart infrastructure, robotics, and automotive markets. Join us to learn more about what we’re building.

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Why customers choose Ouster

All-weather reliability

Rated IP68/69K and tested for snow, dust, and other extreme weather conditions. Reliable operations mean less downtime, less costs associated with replacements, and improved safety.

Rugged design

Our sensors can withstand the shock and vibration that come with harsh environments without the need for recalibration.

Unique data layers

Our digital architecture provides unique data layers that can improve perception algorithms and eliminate the need for other sensing modalities.

Trusted, reliable partner

We provide best-in-class support with a true partnership mentality.

Industrial leaders choose Ouster

Unlock the possibilities with high-resolution 3D perception