Solid-State Lidar is now Digital

Solid-State Lidar is now Digital

Two chips + two lenses = Zero moving parts

The ES2 is the first high-resolution, long-range, solid-state digital lidar. Combining a VCSEL laser chip and a SPAD detector array raises the bar for resolution, range, and reliability. This is a sensor designed for those who want to reimagine what lidar can be: simple.

A proven digital architecture

The ES2 shares 86% of its components with Ouster’s OS series sensors, reducing technical and manufacturing risk on the road to series production.
ES2 Sensor
Optical module
OS1 Sensor

Fully solid-state digital lidar

Targeting 200+ meter range @ 10% reflectivity, ASIL-B certification, and a 100,000 hour operating lifetime. All with zero moving parts.

From our founding, we have designed our lidar technology with a solid-state architecture in mind. We’re now realizing our original vision, with ES2 first samples expected in 2022.

Built for safe autonomous systems


Easy to integrate, with an expected 200+ meter range to support highway speed advanced driver assistance systems.

Robotic Automation

Compact and easy to integrate on smaller robotic systems that need long-range vision.

Heavy Industry

Rugged and durable to the highest standards for shock, vibration, and water ingress.

Become a partner

We expect the ES2 will be available in 2022 for select development programs.