The Ouster L2X chip

The L2X digital lidar chip is here.

Double the processing power, double the data output to power all of Ouster’s OS series scanning sensors

A breakdown of the Ouster L2X chip’s technological improvements

L2X chip: double the processing power, same compact size

1. Signal processing

Output up to 5.2 million points per second with full dual return processing capabilities

2. SPAD Detectors

Extremely sensitive detectors count up to one trillion photons per second

3. Micro-optics

Patented optical filtering to reduce noise and increase range up to 50%

A graph showing Ouster’s chip progression following Moore’s Law, delivering performance and cost improvements over time

Ouster’s journey along Moore’s Law

The L2X is the latest generation of our CMOS system-on-a-chip (SoC), which consolidates all the complexity of analog lidar onto a single silicon to dramatically improve performance while reducing costs over time.

Ubiquitous technologies, like computer processors and digital cameras, have all followed this same exponential improvement curve, known as Moore’s Law. And Ouster is the first to unlock Moore’s Law for digital lidar.

In just two years, we have already doubled the resolution of our sensors with the L2 chip to develop the highest resolution digital lidar on the market. The L2X chip doubles our performance yet again, continuing along our CMOS SoC roadmap and demonstrating improvements to performance and cost that will help make lidar ubiquitous.

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OS0 sensor


For ultra-wide field-of-view

90° FoV50 m rangeLearn more
OS1 lidar sensor


For all-around performance

45° FoV120 m rangeLearn more
OS2 lidar sensor


For long-range

22.5º FoV240 m rangeLearn more
The L2X chip, Ouster’s latest digital lidar system-on-a-chip with SPAD detectors

Now powered by the L2X chip

2x signal processing power2x data output per pixelLearn more

Rev 06, our latest scanning sensor platform with the L2X chip

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All-weather perception

Whether it’s a robotaxi driving on a foggy morning or an autonomous mining truck navigating through dusty open-pit mines, your systems need to reliably operate through all unpredictable weather conditions and outdoor elements.

Dual returns, combined with Ouster’s wide optical aperture, increases the accuracy of object detection through environmental obscurants, such as dust, smoke, or even a chain link fence.

Point cloud


Ouster lidar point cloud detects a vehicle obscured by dust on a dirt road

High resolution, now with 2x points per second

With up to 128 channels of resolution and now double the data output per pixel, Ouster sensors with dual returns provide even richer point cloud data. This means better object detection at longer range and with higher accuracy, even through physical obscurants.

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Industry-leading reliability and ruggedness

Ouster sensors are designed to the highest standards of reliability and robustness. We continuously optimize our sensors through rigorous testing and failure analysis processes, and offer a two-year warranty for all our products.

Power-wash approved and functional when immersed up to 1m in water

Certified to automotive-grade shock and vibration standards

Tested for up to 30,000 hours of continuous operations with an average product lifespan of over 100,000 hours*

*Calculated using IEC-61508/IEC-62380 MTTF methodologies

Ouster sensors on autonomous mining vehicles

How Tage uses Ouster lidar through dust and puddles in open-pit mines

Global manufacturing, local support

Global manufacturing, local support

High-volume, scalable manufacturing

Backed by global contract manufacturer Benchmark Electronics, Ouster is capable of producing up to 100,000s of units per month, ensuring we scale as quickly as our customers.

Global presence

With offices across North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, Ouster’s team of engineering and industry experts are available to support you wherever you operate.

Trusted partner

Ouster’s commitment to reliability and trust extend from designing our products, to supporting pre-sales evaluations, to onboarding our customers. We are with you every step of the way.

Close up photo of the internal components of an Ouster sensor

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