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Robots need high-resolution 3D vision

Robotics are pioneering an automated future across every aspect of our daily lives. Robots are taking on tasks that are too redundant, cumbersome, expensive or dangerous for humans. Everything from mowing lawns, diffusing bombs, or surveying dangerous caverns, robots are powering a simpler and safer future for us all.

Robotic operation requires an advanced sensor suite to map and interact with the physical world. With Ouster’s high-performance lidar, you can automate critical tasks and capture the world using high-resolution technology that’s as rugged as it is scalable and adaptable.

Webinar: How Fly4Future uses lidar on autonomous drones for the industrial market

Autonomous drones are becoming critical for commercial applications, from rescue missions in dangerous underground mines to efficient railway inspection. In this webinar, Fly4Future will showcase their drone solutions for industrial customers and how they’re using Ouster lidar for perception and SLAM.


Why robotics companies partner with Ouster

Why robotics companies partner with Ouster



High-resolution spatial awareness is critical for robots operating in environments not safely accessible to humans.







Last-mile Delivery

Last-mile delivery robots are paving the way for faster and more efficient deliveries, one sidewalk at a time. City streets require robots to navigate people, pets, vehicles, and unexpected obstacles. High-resoution digital lidar is critical for providing the high-quality spatial awareness needed for safe and efficient operation.



3D mapping is revolutionizing the construction, surveying, and autonomy industries. High-resolution 360º digital lidar enables faster indoor and outdoor scans to power precise SLAM map creation. With Ouster lidar, surveyors complete jobs faster and deliver superior maps to their customers.



Drones are helping people explore, survey, and inspect hard to reach places faster and more safely than ever before. To keep flight times long and map quality high, they need lightweight, high-performance lidar sensors. Lightweight, small, high-resolution digital lidar helps drones capture more data, fly farther, and avoid collisions to deliver high-quality 3D maps.



University research is the driving engine behind the development of new technology. Ouster partners with Universities across the world to deploy our digital lidar sensors on advanced research projects from autonomous driving, drones, industrial robots, and infrastructure deployments. Combined with our simple Python and C++ Ouster SDK, we support an encourage University projects of all types across the globe.



Automation and 3D mapping are powering new ways to keep defense forces informed and safe in the most dangerous environments in the world. Ouster's rugged 3D sensors are being deployed in the toughest environments, enabling new tools to protect and supply forces across all branches of the defense sector.




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