Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

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Digital lidar solutions for ITS

The eyes of your traffic infrastructure


Transform your infrastructure with data

Intelligent transportation systems are only as effective as the underlying data they receive. With today’s rapid pace of mobility innovation, detection systems need to capture, analyze, and adapt to the environment around it.

Ouster lidar combines the high-resolution advantage of cameras with the all-weather reliability of radar. Detect all road users, analyze traffic patterns, monitor the surrounding infrastructure – all with a single sensor.

Backed by a team of traffic and smart city experts and designed with government professionals in mind, Ouster gives you data to drive a safer, more efficient future.





Protect vulnerable road users and improve road safety with consistent detection of all road users in all-weather, 24/7 conditions.



Reduce false calls with precise and accurate detection of road users and the environment.



Expand coverage and detection capabilities while reducing the total number of sensors needed, minimizing technical complexity, and lowering total costs of ownership.


Vulnerable road user safety

Ouster lidar’s 360º and long-range coverage can see the entire intersection and beyond the curb. Detect road users in the most vulnerable areas to automatically automate hawk signals, RFFB, dynamic message signs, or even in-vehicle warnings.


Traffic signal management

Analyze real-time and historical data of your intersections, including aggregated counts and per-object classification, velocity, and even predicted trajectory.


Highway management and tolling

From busy highways to toll bridges, Ouster lidar can detect and classify incoming vehicles to enable dynamic tolling, wrong-way vehicle detection, and more.


V2X and Digital Twins

Ouster lidar captures the environment in 3D, millimeter-level detail as well as anonymous road user behaviors, setting the foundation for the development of digital twins and V2X applications.


Actionable data at your fingertips

Ouster’s lidar solution combines our digital lidar sensors with software that provides object detection, classification, and tracking information in real-time.

Designed to integrate with traffic cabinets and other ITS devices, this versatile solution provides data for monitoring and analyzing traffic at any time, all the time.

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Vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle detection with a single sensor

Ouster lidar detects, identifies, and tracks all road users with a single sensor. All the data you need without the technical and operational complexity.

24/7 detection

Unlike cameras, Ouster lidar does not rely on external light for detection. Perception performance is reliable and consistent through day and night. Ouster lidar is the most reliable detection solution to ensure the safety of vulnerable road users when it’s needed the most.

All-weather 3D perception and reliability

Ouster lidar is able to consistently detect objects through environmental obscurants, including rain, fog, and dust. And with IP68/69K rating, Ouster lidar maintains industry-leading reliability to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Do more with less

Just two Ouster lidar sensors can provide full coverage of a typical intersection and the curbs. That’s a fraction of the units needed compared to loops, cameras, and radar, helping you save money on total costs of ownership and reduce installation budgets.

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