Ouster High-performance digital lidar solutions

Complete situational awareness of your site

Indoors or outdoors, Ouster Gemini gives you a single, seamless bird's eye view of your space. Use it to count and track customers, provide unblinking security, and accurately analyze crowd behavior and flows.

Crowd and retail analytics

- Understand traffic flow and user journeys - Analyze dwell time and advertising impressions
- Maintain real-time occupancy counts over an entire store

Monitoring and security

- Create keep-out zones and trigger real-time alerts
- Monitor outdoor spaces like fence lines and gates
- Fewer false alarms and less wasted time with volumetric detection and sensors that can see in any lighting condition

Intelligent transportation systems

- High-accuracy pedestrian and vehicle counting
- Analyze patterns in traffic flows and record incidents to keep vulnerable road users safe
- Build digital twins of intersections and roadways with real-time monitoring

Outperforms camera-based systems

Accurate 3D tracking of people and vehicles, in any weather or lighting conditions - including complete darkness. Continuous tracking across large-area sites. Real-time alerts or alarms based on movement and location.

Gemini Software

Ouster High-performance digital lidar solutions

Single Camera

Easy setup and familiar administration

Gemini requires fewer sensors than camera-based systems, yet provides greater spatial accuracy by perfectly fusing data from multiple sensors into a single, unified view.

Familiar ceiling or wall-based installation and cloud-backed administration for easy setup and management. Install fewer sensors to cover large areas. Reduce monitoring costs with fewer false alarms, and automatic alerts and tracking.

Protects privacy in public areas

Track people and vehicles anonymously without capturing license plates or facial information. Perfect for public spaces or private property that borders public streets or roads.

Accurate Classification

Accurately detect and classify people, vehicles, and bicycles. Know exactly where they are for full situational awareness, and follow their movement throughout your site.

Uninterrupted Tracking

Seamless tracking across your entire site with easy sensor meshing. Simply add sensors to expand your coverage area, with uninterrupted handoffs from one sensor to the next.

Fast and flexible installation

Gemini is simple to install and requires fewer sensors than camera-based systems. Quickly add sensors with the Gemini sensor meshing tool. Install the software either on your validated Catalyst edge processor, or on your own servers.

Ouster High-performance digital lidar solutions

Configure Alerts and Analytics

Configure spatial zones to trigger alerts and aggregate statistics based on activity in your site.

Detection at long distances

Optimize your detection range and coverage area with our flexible sensor options. Accurately detect and classify people up to 90 m.

Ouster High-performance digital lidar solutions

Powered by cutting-edge 3D vision technology

The Ouster Gemini Platform is powered by Ouster's digital lidar technology. 3D lidar sensors are discrete, easy to install, and cover wide areas of space. The 3D data powers accurate people detection, advanced visitor behavior analytics, and continous uninterrupted tracking across the entire coverage area.

Ouster High-performance digital lidar solutions


The Ouster Gemini Platform detects, tracks, and classifies objects from the Ouster digital lidar point cloud streams. The point cloud data feeds into a computer, either a propriety Ouster edge computer, called Catalyst, or to a customers own servers.

From there, Ouster Gemini detects objects, their current geo-position, speed, and direction of movement with a high degree of accuracy. Customers can ingest this data – commonly referred to as “object list”, as JSON stream over either MQTT or TCP protocols, into their custom business logic pipelines, converting the 3D lidar detection data into actionable notifications and alerts.

The Ouster Gemini Platform offers accurate and robust people and vehicle tracking data to complement or even replace cameras used for monitoring retail stores, securing sensitive sites, or tracking city traffic. Beyond performance improvements, the range of 3D lidar sensors allows you to install fewer sensors to cover a space, cutting down on installation cost and complexity.

Ouster Gemini is designed for customers who use static sensors to monitor the world. Specifically we invite customers in the crowd (or retail) analytics, security, and intelligent transportation systems spaces to reach out and learn more. But if you are in any industry and looking to install fixed sensors to monitor a space, we’d love to hear from you.

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