About us


noun.\ ˈau̇-stərs \
  1. A team of software, hardware, business, and manufacturing experts building the next generation of high-resolution lidar sensors
  2. A technologically-advanced tribe from the Dan Simmons Hyperion series dedicated to using technology to live in harmony

Our team

We are a team with deep knowledge of semiconductors, optics, signal processing, computer vision, and high volume manufacturing.
We apply our expertise to make robotic automation safer and more efficient with lidar sensors. If you’re motivated by solving big problems, we’re hiring key roles on our engineering, software, operations, and business teams.

We are...

When it comes to safety, honesty and trust rule all. We value our customers’ trust above everything else.
We work hard and design with a purpose. Great products are worth the effort.
Forward thinking
We must think beyond what exists today to build something that pushes the boundaries of performance and truly lasts.

Our leadership


Angus Pacala


Mark Frichtl

General Counsel

Myra Pasek

VP Operations

Darien Spencer

VP Business

Raffi Mardirosian

Our investors

Ouster has raised over $90 million in capital, and is backed by financial and strategic investors with deep relationships in the automotive sector.

Made in the Mission

Ouster is headquartered in San Francisco’s Mission District, where we house both our corporate functions and our high-tech lidar manufacturing.