Captured with an infrared camera. From left to right: OS0-128, OS1-128, and OS2-128
Captured with an infrared camera. From left to right: OS0-128, OS1-128, and OS2-128

Meet the new lidar family

Introducing our new lineup of 128 beam lidar sensors: the ultra-wide view OS0, the mid-range OS1, and the long-range OS2

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High-resolution lidar sensors for long, mid, and short range applications

We transformed lidar from an analog device with thousands of components to an elegant digital device powered by one chip-scale laser array and one CMOS sensor. The result is a full range of high-resolution lidar sensors that deliver superior imaging at a dramatically lower price.
The Ouster OS2 Long-range Lidar Sensor

OS2 long-range lidar sensor

  • 240 m range
  • 22.5° field of view
  • IP68 and IP69K rated
  • Digital lidar design
The Ouster OS1 Lidar Sensor

OS1 mid-range lidar sensor

  • 120 m range
  • 45° field of view
  • Digital lidar design
  • IP68 and IP69K rated
  • 425 grams
The Ouster OS0 Ultra-wide View Lidar Sensor

OS0 ultra-wide view lidar sensor

  • 50 m range
  • 95° field of view
  • IP68 and IP69K rated
  • 425 grams
  • Digital lidar design

Ouster in action

Transforming industries with high-resolution lidar


Robust sensors with long range and industry-leading water and dust ingress protection for highway-speed autonomy.

Autonomous vehicles

Excellent resolution for short, mid, and long range sensors covering a vehicle’s full field of view in every direction.


A lightweight 425 g payload increases fly time, while precise, high-resolution sensors decrease the time required to scan an area.


Choose from 4 resolution options and 3 vertical field of view options up to 90° to find a lidar sensor that’s perfect for your application.


A perfect solution for indoor or outdoor object tracking, Ouster’s security solution bundles higher resolution sensors with a robust software solution at an unbeatable price.
The Ouster Lidar Sensors: OS2 long-range lidar sensor, OS1 lidar sensor with radial cap, and OS0 ultra-wide field of view lidar sensor with configurable flat cap.

The Ouster advantage

Always improving

Regular firmware updates continuously add features and improve performance.

Two week lead time

Ouster’s lidar sensors ship from the warehouse in under two weeks, guaranteed.

No gimmicks

With Ouster, you’ll get straight answers on pricing, availability, and product specifications. And you’ll get industry-leading technical support.

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