Captured with OS1-64: Lombard St, SF, CA
Captured with OS1-64: Lombard St, SF, CA

Lidar is now digital

High-resolution, low-cost lidar sensors for autonomous vehicles, robotics, mapping, and security

Lidar that makes sense

Digital lidar makes high-resolution sensors affordable and reliable



  • 120 m range
  • 16 | 32 | 64 | 128 channel resolution
  • Starts at $3,500
Volume discounts available



  • 240 m range
  • 64 channel resolution
  • Starts at $18,000
Volume discounts available

Ouster in action

  • Captures intensity information in 16-bit granularity for richer, more detailed data
  • Includes built-in IMU for SLAM algorithm support
  • Creates a uniformly spaced point cloud and pixel-aligned 2D camera images for more efficient data processing, faster labeling, and streamlined algorithm application
Raw point cloud of an OS1-64 drive in San Francisco. Following videos: SLAM of drives around San Francisco

Digital lidar architecture

Compact laser array

VCSEL array increases laser beam density, reduces the sensor’s size and weight, reduces cost, and never needs intrinsic recalibration.

Custom ASIC detector

We're bringing Moore's Law to lidar by integrating SPAD photodetectors and digital signal processing into a single custom ASIC. Each chip generation improves performance without increasing the sensor's size, weight, or power draw.

Engineered for real-world deployment

3D sensors proven in the world’s most demanding conditions

IP68, IP69K rated

Aerospace-grade bayonet connectors and ruggedized housing withstand 2000 psi power washing and protect sensors from dirt, dust, and water ingress.

Robust to shock and vibration

Simple architecture, small number of discrete components, and all-silicon design deliver industry-leading reliability able to withstand automotive-grade shock and vibration testing.

Built to last

Sensors include a 1-year warranty and are designed for operation in environments as cold as -20º C and as hot as +50º C.

We ship products, not promises

At Ouster, we make 3D lidar sensors to empower engineers to build a better future. We are focused on what matters: putting real, high-quality products in the hands of customers.
We can't wait to see what you build.

Come build robots with us

We help machines see the world to create a safer and more efficient future for all of us. If you’re motivated by solving big problems, we’re hiring key roles on our engineering, software, operations, and business teams.