Robotics and Drones

Extending the reach and maximizing the potential of what humans can do.

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Supercharged ingenuity.

Roboticists are pioneering an automated future across every aspect of our daily lives. Robots are taking on tasks that are too redundant, cumbersome, expensive or dangerous for humans — from mowing lawns to diffusing bombs. Robotic operation requires an advanced sensor suite to map and interact with the physical world. With Ouster’s high-performance lidar, robots will be better equipped to play a role in making the future safer and simpler for everyone.

OS1 - Flyability, Iceland

Mapping, surveying, and inspection.

A powerful suite of sensors helps provide detail rich and accurate maps and digital twins for inspection, surveying, and mapping.

OS1 - Exwayz, Paris

Better tools in the hands of researchers

Research and universities.

Sensors, software, and developer tools aimed specifically at supporting innovation, research, and university funded projects. 

Strengthen autonomous support for every environment.


Military and defense.

We’re expanding the capabilities of on-ground personnel and soldiers with every kind of mission support.

Photo provided by US Department of Defense

Powered by the L3

The core of our OS lineup powers doubled range, 10x photon sensitivity, and 5.2m points per second. 


Improve Safety.

Our sensors are built to improve safety across industries. Keeping workers out of dangerous scenarios and unhealthy environments as well as powering robotics that work on avalanche control, bomb, and landmine diffusion are all examples of how Ouster is at the core of a safer world. 


Reduce cost & complexity.

3D lidar helps reduce avoidable accidents that lead to unnecessary costs while dependable robotics lead to predictable scheduling. Helping workers avoid errors, opening up the possibility of inspection in unreachable locations, and allowing for predictable and consistent goods movement in commerce warehouses have already saved customers millions of dollars. 


Improve efficiency.

Low maintenance sensors and high accuracy means increased efficiency in all industries. Reducing inspection times by 90-95%, extending ski resort operations by weeks per season, and powering autonomous and human free flights for drone applications are all ways that Ouster is improving efficiency and giving back time to our customers. 

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Talk to our lidar experts for more information.

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