Crowd analytics

Insights unlocked: Data driven solutions for actionable improvements in safety, efficiency, and analytics.

Better data, better business, better experience.

Quality data is at the core of effective crowd analytics for airports, hospitality, retail, transit hubs, stadiums, and music venues. Site managers have the difficult task of balancing safety requirements, business needs, and - perhaps most importantly - a quality user experience for guests and visitors. Thanks to 3D lidar powered solutions, it is now possible to track the entirety of a users journey throughout large and complex spaces, receive completely accurate people and object counts and classifications, collect accurate dwell times, and derive actionable insights that will effect queue management, staffing optimization, and improve overall user experience - all while respecting privacy and remaining GDPR and CCPA compliant. 

Spend less time in lines.

Queue management.

Shortening queues and increasing the efficiency of a customer's journey through them is one of the most important ways to positively impact a user's experience.

Optimize the purchase path.

Dwell Time.

Learn how, when, and where customers spend their time. Understand how they interact with space, services, displays, and products. 

Reduce bottlenecks and keep people moving.

User journey.

A good customer experience results in satisfied customers, calmer passengers, more conversions, and more loyalty. 

The path to better data begins here.

Crowd Analytics are built on Ouster Gemini.

Ouster Gemini is a software perception platform, designed and optimized for digital lidar, that tracks, classifies, and counts vehicles, bicycles, objects, and people. It is purpose built to turn complicated data into actionable, intuitive, and tailorable insights for people and object detection in traffic, security, crowd, and retail management and analytics.

Powered by the L3.

The core of our OS lineup powers doubled range, 10x photon sensitivity, and 5.2m points per second.


Improve Safety.

Our sensors aren't just designed for better accuracy and data. They're made to keep people safe. Monitoring concert and sports venues to prevent dangerous surges, optimizing passenger journeys through transit hubs to prevent bottlenecking and rushed connections, and monitoring subway stations for unsafe behavior are all ways in which Ouster is improving safety in crowd analytics. 


Reduce cost & complexity.

A new level of accuracy in data allows venues, transit hubs, and retail centers to optimize their operations and reduce cost and complexity. Live time staffing redirects at airport security and check-in lines, optimized scheduling at shops and restaurants, and ensuring that an efficient and safe user journey is at the core of station planning in the UK are all ways Ouster is reducing cost and complexity with crowd analytics.


Improve efficiency.

The efficiency of user journeys and venue operation is essential to a positive customer and passenger experience. Planning store layouts, optimizing staffing, reducing wait times for facilities and entrance, and easing the boarding process on trains and in air travel are all ways Ouster is contributing to efficient operations with crowd analytics. 

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