Traffic and Intelligent Transportation Systems

Turning accuracy and actuation into safety.

Make zero pedestrian
deaths a reality.

To turn cities into safer environments for pedestrians, bikers, vulnerable road users, and vehicles, it is necessary to use the most precise, comprehensive data and object, incident, and near-miss detection statistics — regardless of the environment, time of day, or weather.

Our new lidar-based ecosystem

A powerful suite of traffic safety and actuation tools and solutions.

Better actuation to end the age of inductive loops.

Traffic signal actuation

Cost effective, easy installation, and low maintenance traffic signal operation for smooth, efficient, and responsive control.

Plan a world with less traffic and no accidents.

Safety and traffic analytics

In the past three years, traffic accidents have left more than 120,000 people dead and sent more than 10 million to the emergency room. That's 6.27 people in an ambulance to the emergency room every single minute. In the same time frame, the American economy has lost over $120 billion each year due to traffic with drivers spending an average of 97 hours in congestion annually. That's over 3 days, per driver, of lost time, each year. With accurate safety and traffic analytics that inform actionable changes from city and traffic planners these problems are solvable. Vision Zero is within reach and we're taking significant steps to make it a reality. 

Plan ahead for automation on the road.


We’re getting cities ready to communicate with cars.

Let's make Vision Zero a reality.

Powered by Ouster Blue City

A turnkey solution for traffic operations, planning and safety built on Ouster's Gemini perception platform and 3D sensor suite. 


Improve Safety.

Our sensors aren't just designed for accuracy. They're made to keep people safe. Ensuring that pedestrians and cyclists are prioritized during traffic management and infrastructure planning, live time actuation based on pedestrian presence, using data to lower near miss incidents and collisions between vehicles, and providing detailed analytics on where and how people are crossing the road are all ways Ouster is contributing to safer streets. 


Reduce cost & complexity.

Cost and maintenance have always been inhibitors to the adaptation of high end technologies that can collect meaningful and actionable data. Thanks so low effort installation and maintenance and integrations within pre-existing infrastructure, system cost and complexity is lower than ever while providing better results than previously possible.


Improve efficiency.

Low maintenance and high accuracy means more efficiency. The range and FoV of lidar means fewer sensors are necessary at each installation point. The ability to measure 3D space with accuracy means counts of all vehicles types, pedestrians, cyclists, and road users are possible on one simple unified interface.

Hardware and Software Products

Our new lidar based ecosystem

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Talk to our lidar experts for more information.

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