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Create a world with no car accidents.

The global automotive industry is introducing new levels of automation that will reinvent the safety and efficiency standards of transportation for generations. But cameras and radar alone cannot guarantee safe driving — and traditional analog lidar is failing to meet the automotive industry’s increasing demands for performance, reliability, and commercial viability. Safe and efficient vehicle automation requires the perception enabled by digital lidar technology. With the power of Ouster’s high-performance digital ecosystem, including the upcoming true solid-state DF system, safe highways and cities are within reach.

Build the safest cars in the industry.

Consumer ADAS

In the past three years, automobile accidents in America have left more than 120,000 people dead and sent more than 10 million to the emergency room. That's 6.27 people in an ambulance to the emergency room every single minute. Society deserves safer cars, roads, and highways.

A step towards danger free roads.

Autonomous vehicles

Commuters in California spend an average of 119 hours in traffic every year. Across the US, traffic costs the economy $179 billion. 1/3 of the 3.5 million truck drivers in the US will be involved in a serious accident during their careers. Drunk driving still kills over 10,000 people in the US annually and marginalized populations continue to have their transportation needs underserved. We're working to minimize traffic, give time back to drivers, provide dependable and affordable transportation options, and end accidents for good. Autonomous vehicles are the next logical step towards mitigating these issues without a serious change in global infrastructure and are already providing incredible metrics to show their effectiveness. 

Powered by the L3.

The core of our OS lineup powers doubled range, 10x photon sensitivity, and 5.2m points per second.


Improve Safety.

Our sensors are built to improve safety throughout society. Keeping drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and all road users out of dangerous scenarios is a core focus for Ouster. Powering the perception platforms of robotaxis, long haul trucking, and short range mobility are all ways in which Ouster is working towards an accident free world. 


Reduce cost & complexity.

Reducing costly and dangerous accidents, providing schedule predictability, and lowering the cost of operation all help businesses increase profits and efficiency.  


Improve sustainability.

Autonomous driving and ADAS features in consumer automotive as well as in commercial trucking hold the promise of significant emissions reduction. 

Hardware Products

Our new REV7 sensors

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Talk to our lidar experts for more information.

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