Reach a new level of perimeter protection.

95% Fewer false alarms

3D lidar is reinventing the standard for site and perimeter security with new levels of accuracy, object detection, and system simplicity. As a result, Ouster's sensor and software ecosystem is being adopted by customers protecting high-end assets and sensitive sites.

Perimeter security.

3D lidar combined with Ouster Gemini creates a PIDS (perimeter intrusion detection system) that results in an estimated 95% reduction in nuisance alarm rates. Moreover, new capabilities are unlocked thanks to lidar's weather and lighting agnostic 3D perception capabilities. Small, floating objects like a drone or a box being thrown over a fence are now possible to detect and will successfully trigger an alarm. 

The security system of the future deserves a detection solution designed to re-define accuracy.

Full site security.

Complete site coverage including interior journey tracking, dwell times, and live time people and object classification and counts. 

We're powering the security solutions of the future.

Built with Ouster Gemini

A new kind of core spatial intelligence software that accurately detects, classifies, and tracks people, objects, and vehicles.

Hardware Products

Our new REV7 sensors

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Talk to our lidar experts for more information.

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