Webinar - Redefining High Security: How lidar sets a higher standard for facility protection

We'll explore lidar in the security industry and explain why organizations and integrators are quickly adopting it to solve detection and false alarm challenges. Register below.

On-Demand Webinar

During the webinar, we’ll provide you with an overview of lidar’s advantages for a range of security use cases. And given that not all lidar solutions are created equal, we’ll equip you with knowledge of how to select a lidar provider. You’ll leave the webinar with a good understanding of Gemini, Ouster’s lidar detection solution, seeing firsthand how you can accurately detect, classify, and track at a distance to lower your security risk while also reducing false alarm rates.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Understanding Lidar: Get the fundamentals of lidar technology and its benefits in security

  • Quality matters: Explore why accurate detection and classification at a distance is pivotal in reducing false alarm rates and maintaining a robust security system. Walk away knowing what questions to ask providers about resolution, range, and classification

  • Lidar and video: Uncover the differences and synergies between lidar and video surveillance. Learn how Ouster Gemini simultaneously complements video whilst also reducing your security infrastructure costs

  • Real-world applications: Discover popular security use cases where lidar beams are bright, from perimeter and red zone detection to asset protection and beyond

  • Ouster Gemini showcase: See the power of Gemini through an immersive demo showcasing its 3D spatial data and our unique lidar coverage design capabilities. Learn how you can integrate Gemini directly into your VMS

  • From concept to production: We’ll take you through all the steps we take to ensure you have a seamless journey as you evaluate, test, design, install, and optimize your lidar solution with us

  • Q&A: Engage directly with our experts in a live Q&A

Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your physical security. Secure your space today.


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