People, object detection and classification for actionable, intuitive, and tailorable insights in traffic, security, crowd, and retail management and analytics.

A new kind of core spatial intelligence software that accurately detects, classifies, and tracks people, objects, and vehicles.

Ouster Gemini is a software perception platform, designed and optimized for digital lidar, that tracks, classifies, and counts vehicles, bicycles, objects, and people. It is purpose built to address the critical need for highly accurate and dependable data, analytics, and live time tracking in the ITS, security, and crowd analytics industry. Outperforming camera based systems by any metric while eliminating false alarms and missed events, while still maintaining the simplicity of installation, Ouster Gemini provides the foundation for unparalleled traffic signal actuation, road user analytics, perimeter security, and actionable insights for crowd management and retail analytics.

Centimeter Level Accuracy

To detect objects as small as a hand entering any sized custom zone.

Meshable Sensor Network

To create a live time, single screen, digital twin of any sized environment.

Dependable and Accurate Data

To create custom dashboards, analytics, reports, and actionable insights.

95% Reduction in False Alarms and Missed Events

More Performant Traffic Actuation with Vision Zero Benefits

95% fewer false alarms and missed events.

  • Raw Gemini view of transit hub

  • Camera view of transit hub

  • Analytic output

Raw Gemini view of transit hub

Camera view of transit hub

Analytic output

Integrating seamlessly into existing infrastructure for
simple installation, setup, and maintenance.

Fast and flexible installation

Gemini is simple to install and requires fewer sensors than camera-based systems. With the Gemini sensor meshing tool it's easy to save time when adding new sensors. Featuring the options of installing the software either on a validated Catalyst edge processor or one's own servers.

Ouster Lidar Sensors


Your ComputerorOuster Catalyst Edge Pro


Gemini API

Easy sensor meshing for accurate classification and tracking across the entirety of a chosen space.

Easy sensor meshing enables seamless tracking across entire sites like warehouses, construction sites, data centers, and city blocks spanning miles. Adding sensors expands any coverage area with uninterrupted handoffs from one sensor to the next.

Privacy Compliant for GDPR and CCPA Requirements

Gemini's spatial intelligence capabilities cover indoor and outdoor environments, enabling customer tracking, security, and crowd analysis without compromising privacy in public areas or collecting personal or identifying data.

  • 360 coverage of complex spaces with unlimited custom zones.
  • Live digital twin of any space with one continuous view.
  • Data-driven behavioral insights and guidance for action.
  • Complex insights into customer flows and time spent.
  • No facial, racial, gender, or other identifying information.

We're building software designed for progress.

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