Hemispherical 180º field of view digital lidar sensor.

180° FoV with the accuracy and benefits of lidar data has unique benefits for robotics, security, crowd, and retail analytics.


Range at 10%


Range at 80%


Vertical Field of View


Channels of Resolution


Max points Per Second

20 Hz

Max Frame Rate

-40° C

Min Operating Temperature

+60° C

Max Operating Temperature

IP68 &IP69K

Ingress Protection

Compact design that integrates discreetly
into any room or vehicle.

Rigorously tested for robustness and reliability surpassing industry standards.

Quality and reliability testing is a top priority at Ouster. Over the past year, our group of veterans from the solar industry have tested the OSDome in a broad array of conditions as part of a structured quality and reliability engineering design and validation process.

Floor-to-ceiling vision with high-resolution coverage.

180° vertical FoV for forklift side-mounting.

With a unique, 180° FoV, the side mounted OSDome opens up the possibility to see shelves from top to bottom, even in narrow aisle configurations.

128 channels of vertical resolution across the entire field of view.

With high precision and dual returns, the OSDome delivers crisp data across the entire field of view to enable optimal perception algorithm performance.

Powered by the L3.

21.47 Gmacs Of signal processing 125 Million Transistors on chip 5.2 Million Max points per second.

The evolution of our chips

Performance is measured in Range x Points per second.

L1 Chip


L2 Chip


L2X Chip


L3 Chip


  • Back side illuminated spads.

  • 2x range increase over previous generations.

  • 10x photon sensitivity over the previous generation.

  • Up to 20m range and 1000 points/sec.

L1 Chip


L2 Chip


L2X Chip


L3 Chip


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