Blue City

A turnkey solution for traffic operations, planning and safety.

In the past three years, traffic accidents have left more than 120,000 people dead and sent more than 10 million to the emergency room. That's 6.27 people in an ambulance to the emergency room every single minute.

Ending the era of inductive loops.

Utilizing the power of digital lidar, Blue City software is a turnkey solution that provides real-time, on-demand traffic data to maximize efficiency and improve safety. Together, we can improve the efficiency of traffic infrastructure while working towards vision zero.

Detailed data for meaningful improvements.

  • Number of near misses.

  • Detection of red-light runners.

  • Pedestrian crossing time estimation.

  • Time-to-collision Analysis.

  • Illegal turning movement detection.

Improving transport planning.

Road crashes can be prevented with better traffic data.

  • Count of pedestrians, cyclists, cars, trucks, and buses

  • Count of road users per direction and approach

  • Speed Analytics per road users and per approach

  • Crosswalk occupancy approach

Reducing traffic congestion with Blue City actuation.

Safeguarding the most vulnerable.

  • Occupancy ratio.

  • Green allocation.

  • Phase interval.

  • Split failures.

  • Split trends.

  • Simple approach delay.

  • Arrival patterns.

  • Purdue coordination diagram.

Blue City improves quality of life not just for drivers,
but for all road users and pedestrians.

How enhanced mobility data and traffic actuation work.

Blue City captures multimodal traffic data in real-time using lidar technology and an AI-based perception software layer in a cost-effective way.

  1. A single lidar and edge processor is installed at an intersection.

  2. Setting up virtual loops to capture road user data in precise locations is possible in a few minutes.

  3. Blue City software classifies data between vehicles, pedestrians and bikes.

  4. Data can then be pushed to your traffic controllers, the Blue City analytics platform or via an API.

How traffic analytics work.

Blue City analytics are easy to use and customizable so you can see the historical and real-time traffic information you need.

  1. Install Blue City and login.

  2. Select an intersection and a sensor.

  3. View historical or real-time road user data and signal performance measures.

  4. Access and download the data you need.

Proactive actionable traffic analytics through AI & SPMs, all on demand.

Multimodal traffic analytics

Privacy and equity

5G enabled

Effortless install

24/7, 365

No collection of private data

Based on AI

Drive transportation infrastructure forward with technology that will make a measurable impact on daily life.

  • Conflict analysis and near-miss detection.

  • Traffic actuation with customizable virtual loops.

  • Real time object detection, classification, and tracking.

  • Real-time data for actuated traffic control and city planning.

  • Real-time communication with traffic controller.

  • Occupancy Ratio.

  • Green Allocation.

  • Red light violation.

We're building software designed for progress.