Smart infrastructure

Lidar point cloud of pedestrians walking through a subway station

Digital lidar solutions for smart infrastructure

Accurate object and incident detection data for truly smart infrastructure

A digital lidar sensor installed at an intersection detects and classifies pedestrians and bicyclists

The future is safer with lidar.

Active sensing that works day and night makes systems more aware of what’s going on around them. Whether it’s a pedestrian crossing the street at night, a wrong-way driver heading onto a highway ramp, or a trespasser lurking by the building entrance, lidar catches incidents and intrusions before they happen.

By detecting and identifying objects, movement patterns, and even specific incidents, Ouster digital lidar captures precise representations of real-world scenarios that can be used to both understand the present and plan for the future.

Ouster lidar’s 3D spatial awareness and 24/7 performance combines the high-resolution imagery of cameras with the all-weather reliability of radar. This is the next generation sensing technology for infrastructure transformation.

Why partner with Ouster

Why partner with Ouster

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Improve safety outcomes

Finally, a sensor that can accurately detect incidents as well as vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists in a range of environments and weather conditions.

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Increase systems reliability

Precise, accurate detection reduces false calls, improves the reliability of your systems, and gives you data for long-term planning.

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Reduce overall cost

Reduce sensor count, expand detection capabilities, and lower maintenance costs with sensors that have industry-leading reliability and versatility.

Ouster digital lidar sensors being installed on a traffic pole

Intelligent transportation systems

Improve traffic safety and efficiency across intersections and highways with vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle detection.

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An Ouster digital lidar sensor mounted for perimeter security

Security management

Reduce false alarms and proactively identify security breaches with detection at, beyond, and even within the perimeters.

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Ouster digital lidar sensor mounted to a chandelier as part of an interactive art exhibit

Smart places

Optimize and enhance building, space, and retail management with comprehensive and privacy-safe data, including pedestrian or occupant traffic flow, counts, dwell times, space utilization, and more.

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Duplicate SDK pointing at intersection

Unified through hardware, diversified through software for multiple applications

Powered by our digital lidar technology, Ouster sensors are more reliable, higher resolution, and more cost-effective than other lidar sensors on the market.

Our sensors serve as a flexible platform that can be upgraded with new functionality and applications through software alone. This includes the ability to detect different objects and incidents, configure custom zones, and gather precise metrics such as count, velocity, and dwell times.

With just a single Ouster lidar sensor, unlock the detection capabilities of multiple traditional sensing technologies.

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