Ouster Launches Two Week Lead Time Guarantee For OS1 Products

Introducing the Ouster Lead Time Guarantee

As Ouster has added customers working on projects across a wide range of industries, we’ve realized how important it is for engineering and perception teams to get sensors in their hands as quickly as possible.

You and your teams need to begin getting familiar with the sensor’s output, testing integration options, and validating system-level designs.

Unfortunately, the lidar industry has a reputation for long lead times for delivery, and we often hear customers assuming that it will take months to get their hands on our sensors.

Today, we’re changing that and announcing the Ouster Lead Time Guarantee.

In the same way we’ve opened up the lidar industry with transparent pricing and honest specs, we’re upping the ante again by guaranteeing that if you purchase at least one OS1-16 or -64 sensor from us or our distributors, we’ll ship your first two sensors in two weeks or less.
No more waiting around for your sensors to ship. Your projects are too important for that.

Here’s how it works:

  • You fill out the Talk to Sales form on our website (or reach out to your Ouster representative directly).
  • We give you a quote for the number of OS1 sensors you want to order (no order minimum, applies to 16 and 64 channel models currently). The quote you receive will indicate that the lead time guarantee applies to your purchase.
  • We ship your first two sensors to you within two weeks of the accepted purchase order.

Note that this guarantee applies to any order for Ouster OS1-16 or OS1-64 channel sensors, not just your first order. It also applies to orders anywhere in the world we sell either directly or through our distributors. If you buy one sensor, we’ll ship it within two weeks. If you buy 10 sensors, we’ll ship the first two within two weeks and the other 8 sensors shortly thereafter. If you purchase through a distributor, we’ll ship your sensor(s) to the distributor within two weeks.

The Ouster Lead Time Guarantee is the first of its kind in the lidar industry for a reason – Ouster’s multi-beam flash lidar architecture places all the lasers and sensors onto semiconductor chips, which makes our sensors easier and faster to assemble.

Of course, we do reserve the right to pause or modify this program at any time – we’ll let you know here if we do. You can read the full terms and conditions of the guarantee here.

We’re confident enough in our rapidly expanding production capacity that we’re able to make this guarantee. And we can’t wait to see what you build with our sensors.