As a spatial analytics provider, Kodifly specialises in 3D point cloud processing and video analytics solutions for precise monitoring and analysis of infrastructure and environment, providing actionable insights for businesses to make informed decisions. Our product, SpatialSense, an integrated device combining LiDAR and camera sensors, is able to create highly accurate and vivid 3D holograms of the environment in real-time. With the on-board AI chips and spatial intelligence software powered by deep learning algorithms, it enables swift detection of any spatial changes in different environments. Some of the key benefits of our product includes: Real-time spatial analysis with AI, LiDAR, and camera technology, Precise colour rich 3D modelling of environment, A team of dedicated experts to ensure smooth system integration With the actionable insight, Kodifly offers a unique advantage for organisations seeking to enhance their decision-making processes that enhance safety, efficiency, and operational performance.