Two decades ago, NVIDIA invented the GPU, sparking a revolution in computing. This core technology was born in the gaming and professional visualization industries, and has now translated to revolutionary leaps in high-performance and accelerated computing, as well as artificial intelligence (AI). NVIDIA is applying its technology-driven vision, computational performance, and energy efficiency to the transportation industry—helping it realize the dream of safe, reliable autonomous vehicles. The company partners with automakers, suppliers, sensor manufacturers, mapping companies, and startups around the world to develop the best solutions for the new world of mobility. The NVIDIA DRIVE® platform provides the systems architecture, AI supercomputing hardware, and full software stack required to build all types of vehicles—from AI-assisted cars and trucks to fully autonomous shuttles and robotaxis. Customers can seamlessly integrate any Ouster lidar sensor(s) into the NVIDIA DRIVE platform, significantly easing the development burden of bringing high-performance 3D perception to autonomous vehicles.