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Our high-resolution lidar sensors, perception software, and solutions are ushering in a new era for safety, efficiency, and sustainability by integrating into existing and future applications.

Lidar sensor technology
designed for progress.

Lidar sensor attached to autonomous drone
Lidar sensor attached to autonomous drone

We’re inspired by what our technology can do in the hands of others. Through new and ambitious applications, lidar sensors and our advanced AI perception software ecosystem will power a leap forward in every industry.

Engineered for engineers

Our new L3 chip leads to faster, more powerful applications.

125 Million

Transistors on chip

21.46 Gmacs

Of signal processing

5.2 Million

Max points per second


Our REV7 sensors.

Meet our evolving ecosystem

Maximize lidar's potential with
our purpose-built perception software tools and solutions.

Designing the future

Let’s drive society’s shift
towards full autonomy.

Build faster with high-volume manufacturing and worldwide fulfillment.

We offer a scalable outsourced manufacturing and operate local fulfillment in three major global regions, ensuring efficient order fulfillment, faster lead times, and lower total costs for all our lidar sensors production.

We're building sensors designed for progress.