Ouster high-resolution digital lidar SLAM of San Francisco

High-performance digital lidar solutions

Hundreds of companies worldwide, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, use our lidar sensors to give 3D vision to robots, smart infrastructure, industrial machines, vehicles and more.

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OS0 sensor


For ultra-wide field-of-view

OS1 lidar sensor


For all-around performance

OS2 lidar sensor


For long-range

The L2X chip, Ouster’s latest digital lidar system-on-a-chip with SPAD detectors

Now powered by the L2X chip

With over 75 unique beam configurations, Ouster has a sensor for every application

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Cars driving down a highway

Introduction to Ouster Automotive

Transforming industries with high-resolution lidar


128 channels of resolution for ultra-wide view, mid-range, and long-range sensors to cover a vehicle’s full field of view in 360 degrees.Learn more

Smart infrastructure

High-resolution lidar sensors paired with software that detects and classifies vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and even specific incidents across all light and weather conditions.Learn more


Rugged, reliable, and affordable high-resolution lidar sensors to power safety and automation in the mining, agricultural, construction, and logistics industries. Learn more


Ensure your robots are effective and reliable with 90º ultra-wide view sensors - rated IP69K and robust to shock and vibration so your robot won't go down on the job.Learn more
The Ouster Lidar Sensors: OS2 long-range lidar sensor, OS1 lidar sensor with radial cap, and OS0 ultra-wide field of view lidar sensor with configurable flat cap.
We transformed lidar from an analog device with thousands of components to an elegant digital device powered by one chip-scale laser array and one CMOS sensor.

The Ouster story

An introduction to Ouster’s founders, technology, and industry applications.

An Ouster employee works on a digital lidar sensor

Scalable pricing

Ouster’s sales team helps you choose the right sensors and customize a pricing plan to fit your needs and rollout plans, with discounts that increase as you scale.

High-volume manufacturing

Backed by global contract manufacturer Benchmark Electronics, Ouster is ready to work with you to meet your volume requirements. All sensors are backed by a two-year warranty and an on-call support team.

Global presence

Ouster has offices in San Francisco, Paris, and Suzhou, manufacturing facilities in the United States and Thailand, and a global network of local distributors. Our team works where you work.