Achieving L4 Autonomy with Whale Dynamic

Looking to address the problems of longevity, functionality, and performance over time, autonomous vehicle manufacturer and developer, Whale Dynamic, discusses why it partnered with Ouster in our recent video.

Founded in 2018, Whale Dynamic is developing driverless delivery vehicles that do away with the steering wheel, pedals, and driver’s seat. To develop its L4 autonomous vehicle for public roads, Whale Dynamic’s technology is first developed and tested in passenger vehicles and then ultimately applied to an all-electric final design.

Utilizing two OS-128’s as its primary sensors, Whale Dynamic was attracted by continuous over the air updates for current sensors as well as Ouster’s product roadmap and attractive future sensor capabilities. 

“What impresses us most about Ouster lidar is the performance and functionality it is able to achieve through its SoC [system on chip],” says David Chang, Whale Dynamic’s CEO. 

According to Chang, the design, ease of integration, and dependability of the sensor suite are all attractive elements of Ouster. Beyond that, he adds, the key in choosing Ouster as a partner for Whale Dynamic is the perfect intersection of price and quality for autonomous automotive applications.
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