Ouster Expands Global Presence with Additions to Distributor Network

Update: The information in this post is slightly outdated. To see our current list of distributors, please visit https://ouster.com/partners/distributors/.

Since we launched the OS1 last December, we have expanded into new global markets spanning autonomous vehicles, drones, mapping, defense, robotics, industrials, building security, smart cities, VR/AR, and more. Our customers represent close to 50 countries on 6 continents. To facilitate easier global order fulfillment and local support, we announced its global partner program in March, inviting distributors to apply to sell Ouster lidar sensors.

Ouster’s global distributor network

Because of the critical role distributors serve, our process of selecting partners is rigorous and consists of multiple levels of diligence over many months. The team ensures that each distributor understands their market’s needs, offers a portfolio of complementary products and services to provide complete solutions, can facilitate purchases in local currency, has a track record of being responsive to customers, and has in-depth knowledge of Ouster’s products to help with on-site demonstrations, integrations, and post-purchase support. The initial 8 distributors and their regions are:

  • Canada, and worldwide for robotics applications
    • Clearpath Robotics: www.clearpathrobotics.com
  • Brazil
    • CPE Technologies: cpetecnologia.com.br
  • Spain and Portugal
    • Alava Engineers: www.grupoalava.com
  • France
    • Positics: www.positics.fr
  • Japan
    • Okaya: www.oec.okaya.co.jp
    • OPT Technology: www.opt-techno.com
  • South Korea
    • UCS: www.ucssolution.com
  • Singapore and Southeast Asia
    • GPS Lands: www.gpslands.com

But we’re not stopping here. We have many more distributors in the pipeline undergoing our review process and we’ll announce those partnerships in the upcoming months – including distributors in Russia, Italy, and china in the next 60 days. No matter where you are around the globe, we want you to have access to a local partner to help you find the right technology for your project, and our team is hard at work making that a reality.