Postmates Selects Ouster for Autonomous Delivery Rover

Postmates has chosen Ouster to supply lidar sensors that will help Serve perceive and interact with the world. Postmates is the only company that enables customers to get anything on-demand, and we are proud to be a part of the next evolution of their business. 

The Serve autonomous delivery rover combines Postmates’ Socially-Aware-Navigation system with Ouster’s multi-beam flash lidar architecture to enable a new platform for on-demand commerce. 

“The OS1 lidar’s range, size, durability, and high-resolution are a perfect fit for Serve,” said Ali Kashani, VP of Special Projects at Postmates X. “Over the past few years of development, it has become clear that lidar is an integral component of both detecting and interacting with the world around Serve, and Ouster is bridging that connection.”

Serve is the perfect application for the OS1’s small, lightweight, durable, and power efficient design. We’ve already caught glimpses of Serve testing on the sidewalks of San Francisco ahead of its deployment in Los Angeles later this year, and look forward to seeing the OS1 continue to power mobile robotics in the future

A Postmates Serve autonomous delivery robot