Reduce false alarms with new Ouster x Accur8vision lidar security solution

The single biggest and most expensive pain point for security operators today are false alarms. One enterprise customer told us that of the 500 alarms they received, only 2 were real. That’s 0.4%! 

False alarms are incredibly hassling and expensive to manage. They lead to  alarm fatigue, a heightened risk of security breaches, and elevated costs of operations. Addressing increasing threats while reducing false alarms requires modernizing the underlying detection systems so that they can accurately and proactively detect threats. 

This is why we are excited to announce our latest lidar security solution with Hexagon: Ouster x Accur8vision. 

In partnership with Tacticaware, a Hexagon company, we have developed an exclusive security solution that combines Ouster’s 3D digital lidar technology with Tacticaware’s industry-leading volumetric security software. This solution is the only lidar-based system today that has been specifically developed for security operators, with advanced features such as volume-based 3D classification, unlimited 3D zone creation, and seamless integration with ONVIF-S PTZ cameras. 

88% of companies are seeing increased number of physical security threats

A rise in threats  has placed heightened pressure on security operators to explore innovative technologies that bulletproof their systems. In one report surveying 5000+ chief security officers, directors, and other decision makers, 88% agreed that their companies were experiencing a dramatic increase in physical threat activity. 

In parallel, government regulations around data privacy, such as the U.S. Facial Recognition and Biometric Technology Moratorium Act, have limited the use of biometric surveillance such as camera-based security systems. 

Lidar-based security solutions are uniquely positioned to fill the gap.  Incumbent technologies, such as cameras and radar, are no longer sufficient. The cameras’ lack of spatial awareness and its reliance on ambient light make these systems  particularly unreliable in the dark as well as in crowds. Radar based systems, with their inherent low resolution, struggle to detect smaller objects.

Pedestrian detected on lidar sensor vs camera

Ouster digital lidar combines the high-resolution advantage of cameras with the all-day, all-weather reliability of radar. Lidar serves as the backbone of the Ouster x Accur8vision solution, providing an added layer of perception to augment existing systems.

Ouster x Accur8vision: designed for any environment 

The Ouster x Accur8vision solution can monitor and protect a wide-variety of environments including critical infrastructure, airports, commercial buildings, and high-net-worth residential properties. 

With the Ouster x Accur8vision security solution, operators can:

  • Reduce false alarms with more accurate volume-based detection and intruder tracking 
  • Monitor any sized area within a single detection view across a virtually unlimited number of lidar sensors 
  • Set advanced security control with unlimited 3D zones and custom priority alarms per zone 
  • Integrate with existing PTZ cameras for efficient tracking and recording 
  • Easily set up a security system without prior lidar knowledge, including the ability to overlap Google Maps screenshots for easy layout planning

Bringing industry and technical expertise to the market 

Addressing the increasing rise of threats will require modernizing the underlying detection technologies so that they can proactively detect vulnerabilities and malicious activities. The Ouster x Accur8vision solution combines our proven lidar detection system with industry-leading security software. 

We can help you reduce your false alarms and more efficiently protect your premises. Learn more about what Ouster can do for security or connect with our sales team!