Sandvik launches AutoMine Concept

Three weeks ago, at their Innovation in Mining virtual event, Sandvik unveiled their vision for autonomous mining equipment: AutoMine Concept. Automine Concept is an autonomous loader for underground mines, helping protect workers and improve productivity in some of the most dangerous environments in the world. With this announcement, Sandvik is continuing to lead the mining industry by setting the standard for future automation. 

In Sandvik’s own words: 

The fully working and autonomous AutoMine® Concept vehicle is based on the latest technologies and equipped with completely new sensing capabilities and artificial intelligence to enhance mining operations. The AutoMine® Concept perceives its surroundings and environment in 3D and reacts to it in real-time. These technologies provide clear customer advantages by allowing vehicles to adapt and plan their own routes, and to find the most suitable paths even in continuously changing environments. The obstacle detection, collision avoidance and 3D online mapping capabilities improve adaptability and increase flexibility.

Lidar sensors on the Sandvik automine concept

Congratulations to Sandvik on their announcement and progress! Sandvik is leading the mining industry into the 21st century with their Automine® platform and we’re grateful to be a part of the journey. The AutoMine® Concept demonstrates the amazing potential for automation in heavy industry, and will lead to a more energy-efficient and safer future for us all.

Check out the launch video and Sandvik’s YouTube channel here.

Read more about Automine® Concept in Sandvik’s press release here.