VLS 128

Long-range lidar sensor


Horizontal Field of View


Vertical Field of View

> 300m

10% Targets


5% Targets

+/- 3cm


20 Hz

Max Frame Rate

Point density
at full frame rate

With the VLS 128, Ouster delivers an established industry staple for long range spinning lidar. The VLS 128 is an optimal long-range sensor for autonomous mobility where the exceptional combination of range, image clarity and field of view detects roadway objects with reliability and precision. This established sensor generates a high-quality point cloud across all light and weather conditions, with advanced sensor-to-sensor interference mitigation, power efficiency, and thermal performance.

Low Reflectent
Object Detection

Providing long-range detection of low reflectance objects such as tire fragments, dark vehicles, asphalt, and pedestrians, the VLS enables autonomous operation within a broad range of settings, including urban and highway environments.

A full sensor suite for
Ground Truthing Applications

Combined with Ouster’s suite of short range sensors such as the OS0 and the OS1, the VLS 128 completes the most accurate and comprehensive ground truthing package in the industry. All sensors provide 128 beam, 360° coverage and, as a suite, cover ranges from 0-300+ meters with reduced power draw, lowered EMI emissions, and dependable reliability.

Multiple manufacturing
sources available for
qualified production projects

proprietary sensor-to-sensor
interference mitigation

High resolution (0.2° x 0.1°) and
point density at full frame rate

Proven, Class 1 eye-safe
905nm technology

Strong performance with retro
reflectors & sunlight

Bottom connector, with
cable length options

New power efficiencies for
maximum operating temperature

6 to 8-week lead
time standard

Key Applications

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