Ouster Studio

Ouster Studio

Digital Lidar Visualizer

Visualize lidar data in under a minute

Ouster Studio is a powerful and user-friendly application developed for processing and visualizing lidar data. With Ouster Studio, you can quickly and easily import, analyze, and visualize Ouster lidar data.

Automatic sensor discovery, live streaming, and easy sensor configuration

Built to simplify the process of setting up and visualizing sensors with automatic sensor discovery to detect and identify connected sensors on a network or system. In addition, live streaming allows users to receive and process sensor data in real-time, which can provide immediate insights and enable timely decision-making.

Replay recorded lidar data for easy analysis

Designed to allow you to review and study the data at your own pace, and enables you to share recordings and identify patterns and trends that may not be immediately apparent in real-time data.