Ouster Studio Lidar Visualizer

Getting started with Ouster Studio

  • Installation and getting started (00:00)
  • Connect with a live sensor (01:55)
  • Record lidar data (07:15)
  • Replay recorded data (09:20)
This Ouster Studio tutorial was created using Ouster Studio version 3.6.0 which is the most recent version as of November 2020. If you're not using version 3.6.0 or above, we recommend updating to the most recent version.

Ouster Studio features

  • Visualize 3D point clouds and 2D LiDAR images from live Ouster sensor streams or recorded pcap files.
  • Use color maps to explore different point attributes in the 3D point cloud, such as signal, reflectivity and range, among others.
  • Configure connected Ouster sensors’ mode, outgoing LiDAR port and target IP address directly via Ouster Studio.
  • Retrieve sensor-specific configuration files from connected sensors when opening a live stream.
  • Plug-n-play network configuration via mDNS-based auto-detection of connected Ouster sensors on both LAN and link-local connections.
  • Record live streams to pcap files for future playback and analysis.

Please note: Ouster Studio requires firmware v2.0 or higher.