A point cloud from an ouster sensor

Webinar: Introducing the L2X chip - up to 2X the data output to power Ouster’s most reliable and rugged sensors


Ouster’s new L2X system-on-chip (“SoC”) is the highest performance chip we’ve ever built and proves the improvement power of digital lidar.

Capable of counting over 1 trillion photons per second, and outputting up to 5.2 million points per second, the L2X SoC continues our journey along the Moore’s Law curve by doubling the maximum data rate of our sensors. Our CMOS digital architecture uniquely enables us to equip customers with significant performance upgrades without the massive design overhaul required with traditional analog lidar. The L2X chip powers all of Ouster’s new Rev 06 sensors. This new hardware release, equipped with updated firmware 2.2, delivers the full package for reliable 3D perception through robust hardware and superior data quality in all external conditions.

In this webinar, our team introduces you to the L2X chip and give you a real-world look at just how much it can do. We cover:

  • Ouster digital lidar architecture
  • L2X features and capabilities
  • L2X real-world use case test footage
  • The Rev 06 sensor platform, powered by L2X
The L2X chip, Ouster’s latest digital lidar system-on-a-chip with SPAD detectors