HILTI includes Ouster in the 2021 SLAM-Challenge

Hilti, a global leader in construction products and services, has included Ouster digital lidar sensors to be a part of the 2021 Hilti SLAM-Challenge. This is part of this year’s IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2021). The challenge aims to improve upon existing SLAM algorithms to develop a more robust solution for mobile robots navigating real-world scenarios.

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) is an essential capability for robots navigating and performing tasks. Sensors are used to provide real-time measurements of the surroundings. This information is then processed to estimate the robot’s relative position and trajectory. This enables autonomous mobile robots to accurately and efficiently navigate a job site. While current mapping and localization algorithms exist, they do not meet the accuracy requirements for full-scale construction site deployments. 

In hopes of improving these algorithms, Hilti provides participants with multi-sensor datasets from lidar, cameras, and Inertial Measurement Units(IMUs). Scenarios are provided of both indoor and outdoor environments and come with accurate ground truth data measured by Hilti’s PLT300 total station. 

Ouster’s digital lidar is among one of the sensor datasets provided. Hilti selected the Ouster OS0-64 due to its high resolution and an ultra-wide field of view. The ability to detect the floor and ceiling with one sensor is essential for navigating indoor construction sites. Apart from providing an ultra-wide field of view, Ouster sensors deliver industry-leading reliability and all-weather performance. These key features make Ouster sensors best suited for industrial applications.

Hilti SLAM challenge
An OS0-64 is among one of the sensors integrated into the sensor suite.

Utilizing Ouster lidar data and other provided datasets, participants will develop their own SLAM approach. The submissions will be ranked by the completeness of their trajectories and by the achieved accuracy. The challenge is currently underway with submissions due September 25th. Winners will be announced during the IROS conference on September 27th. Hilti will be rewarding the top three participants with prizes. This is a great opportunity to showcase your SLAM skills. 

Hilti SLAM challenge flyer qr

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