Introducing the OS1-32, the Lowest Cost 32-Channel Sensor Ever

The most affordable 32-channel lidar sensor

Historically in the lidar industry, an increase in resolution from 16 to 32 channels has cost customers tens of thousands of dollars — until today.

When we started Ouster in 2015, we designed our sensors with a digital architecture in order to bring the economics of Moore’s Law to lidar, turning the problem of designing a new lidar into a problem of designing a new chip. In many products, from televisions to smartphones, we have grown accustomed to higher performance at decreasing price points. Lidar customers can now expect this same improvement.

At $8,000, the OS1-32 is a fraction of the price that customers have historically paid for 32 channels of resolution. The OS1-32 is designed to accelerate the development and deployment of perception systems by offering our high-resolution digital lidar technology at an attainable price point for researchers, roboticists, and commercial applications.

Less expensive high-resolution lidar is critical for moving computer vision from simple obstacle avoidance to advanced perception and situational awareness. Higher resolution helps machines to better understand the physical world, and move projects from R&D to commercial availability.

Comparing an OS1-32 and an OS1-16 on a drive through San Francisco.

The OS1-32 delivers all of the same performance that has led customers to select the OS1 for their commercial deployments. The sensor is ruggedized, with a range of 120 meters, and has the smallest form factor and lowest weight of any commercially available high-resolution lidar sensor on the market.

New modular cap

In addition to the release of the OS1-32, we are introducing a new modular top cap, enabling tight physical and aesthetic integration into customer platforms for the OS1-series sensors.

The new modular top cap for the OS1 series.
The new modular top cap for the OS1 series. 

The OS1 will continue to ship with the familiar radial fin cap as it is required for standalone operation. For customers willing to invest in a custom integration, we will share mechanical and thermal design guidelines necessary to maintain safe, reliable, and performant sensor operation. “With great modularity, comes great responsibility.” Integrating safety critical hardware cannot be treated as an afterthought, and we ask that customers take our integration guidelines seriously.

Power up your perception

The OS1-32 is available today and new orders will be fulfilled by late November. Please contact us to learn more.

We look forward to seeing what you build.