Ushering in a new era for road safety using lidar with SMART Grant funding

With SMART Grant applications due by July 12, 2024, Ouster Blue City offers a complimentary consultation with our ITS experts to help you apply and secure road safety funding.

Lidar is capturing the attention of customers in the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) market as lidar’s accurate multimodal detection capabilities are a critical component in road safety. We are working alongside cities, Departments of Transportation (DoTs) and universities to evaluate, install and optimize Ouster Blue City, our turnkey lidar solution, at hundreds of intersections across the U.S.A.

Many customers come to us because their current camera or sensor technology fails to reliably detect road users at a distance in all external conditions. Customers require high performance in rain, snow, fog, night, and glaring sun. Lidar solves these challenges.

Unlock Ouster Blue City for road safety improvements

Ouster’s Blue City lidar perception software leverages 3D data from our digital lidar sensors and AI-enabled object classification to accurately detect, classify, and track moving vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. It performs reliably 24/7, regardless of lighting or weather conditions. Compared to a camera, the detection and tracking performance operates with accuracy even in extreme conditions such as a snowstorm, as demonstrated in this video.

Ouster perception software performing reliably in a heavy snowstorm

Following a simple and fast installation of our lidar sensors and Blue City perception software, you’ll gain real-time access to comprehensive safety and traffic operation analysis for day-one safety enhancements. We provide an end-to-end solution, which includes everything from initial evaluation and design to delivering all necessary hardware, software, and support for traffic actuation, safety analytics, and traffic operation. Our lidar sensors are Buy America(n) certified and V2X compatible. As no PII data is collected by Ouster lidar sensors, we can also help ensure the privacy of communities.

Key features of Ouster Blue City using SMART Grant funding:

  • Multimodal traffic actuation: detect and identify vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians with centimeter-level accuracy

  • Pedestrian detection & warning: flashing beacons alert pedestrians outside crosswalks, eliminating the wait for V2X adoption

  • Real-time vehicle safety: detect and alert on wrong-way driving, speeding, and vehicle height

  • V2X & connected vehicles: integrate V2X technology without customization. Generate accurate Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) & Personal Safety Message (PSM) data for immediate broadcasting to connected vehicles

  • Surrogate safety Analysis: comprehensive reporting and data visualization, including near-miss and out-of-crosswalk detections

  • Quality & privacy: Ouster lidars are Buy America(n) certified and adhere to PII regulations for the community's privacy

Blue City surrogate safety analysis example: Outside of a Crosswalk

Proven Technology for SMART Grant Funding

With the US Department of Transportation SMART Grant FY24 Stage 1 NOFO application deadline approaching on July 12, 2024, cities and DoTs have a pivotal opportunity to improve the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles through SMART Grant funding. Ouster Blue City is a proven and trusted solution that can be accessed through the following SMART Grant program initiatives:

  • Coordinated Automation

  • Connected Vehicles

  • Intelligent, Sensor-Based Infrastructure

  • System Integration

  • Smart Technology Traffic Signals

Take advantage of our team of ITS specialists with a consultation

To learn how Ouster Blue City can transform road safety efforts, request a complimentary consultation with our ITS experts, who will share experience and knowledge throughout the SMART Grant application. Together, we can build safer, smarter cities that work towards Vision Zero.

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