The OS1 brings 3D sensing to any platform. Engineered for performance, and priced for large-scale deployment.
The OS1 brings 3D sensing to any platform. Engineered for performance, and priced for large-scale deployment.

OS1 lidar features

High resolution

Capture structured point cloud data and camera-like images with a single high-resolution lidar sensor.

Rugged and reliable

Designed to withstand the stress of real-world shock, vibration, and ingress. IP68 and IP69K rated.

Light and compact

At only 396 grams, the OS1 is fit for flight. Small and easy to integrate into any platform.

Multi-beam flash lidar

The OS1 is the world’s first multi-beam flash lidar, combining the precision of individual laser beams with the high-resolution and reliability of flash technology.

Whether you’re working on object classification, mapping, or machine vision, crisp 360° images from the OS1 make understanding any environment easier than ever.

Captured with OS1-64 Embarcadero, SF, CA
Captured with OS1-64 Embarcadero, SF, CA

OS1 lidar specifications





Vertical Resolution
OS1-1616 channels
OS1-3232 channels
OS1-6464 channels
OS1-128128 channels
Horizontal Resolution
OS1-16512, 1024, or 2048
OS1-32512, 1024, or 2048
OS1-64512, 1024, or 2048
OS1-128512, 1024, or 2048
OS1-16120 m
OS1-32120 m
OS1-64120 m
OS1-128120 m
Vertical Field of View
OS1-1633.2° (±16.6º)
OS1-3233.2° (±16.6º)
OS1-6433.2° (±16.6°)
OS1-12845º (±22.5º)
Vertical Angular Resolution
OS1-160.53º - 2.2º (configurable)
OS1-320.53º - 1º (configurable)
OS1-16±1.5 - 10 cm
OS1-32±1.5 - 10 cm
OS1-64±1.5 - 10 cm
OS1-128±1.5 - 10 cm
Points Per Second
Rotation Rate
OS1-1610 or 20 Hz
OS1-3210 or 20 Hz
OS1-6410 or 20 Hz
OS1-12810 or 20 Hz
Power Draw
OS1-1614 - 20 W
OS1-3214 - 20 W
OS1-6414 - 20 W
OS1-12814 - 20 W
OS1-16425 g
OS1-32425 g
OS1-64425 g
OS1-128425 g
Ingress Protection Rating
OS1-16IP68, IP69K
OS1-32IP68, IP69K
OS1-64IP68, IP69K
OS1-128IP68, IP69K

Additional features of the OS1

  • PTP and NMEA/PPS time synchronization options
  • On-the-fly programming of frame rate and horizontal resolution
  • Fixed angle data measurement
  • Multi-sensor crosstalk resistance
  • Pluggable space-style bayonet connector
  • Over-the-network firmware updates
  • Class 1 eye-safe
  • Output: range, intensity, reflectivity, ambient NIR, azimuth angle, time stamp
OS1-64 lidar sensor on the streets of San Francisco