Firmware 2.4: Industry Standard Protocols and Improved Alerts

Developers have always been top of mind for Ouster. Our team is proud to provide not only industry-leading lidar performance but also industry-leading support for customers. We continue to gather feedback and requests from customers and put plans in place to quickly implement changes. Firmware 2.4 is another example of this commitment to our customers. Firmware 2.4 will improve sensor alerts and sensor configuration, while also ensuring critical bugs are fixed before issues arise.

What’s new with FW 2.4?

Improved alerts

  • Each individual alert will provide more information. This additional information allows customers to better troubleshoot issues on their own, without additional support. 
  • New optional argument for both TCP/HTTP commands <MODE> = “summary”

Improved functionality with HTTP API

New HTTP Commands to help configure and read sensor config parameters

GET /api/v1/sensor/config

POST /api/v1/sensor/config

One (potentially) breaking change!

For customers upgrading to Firmware 2.4, please note that we have a change that will potentially affect existing code. We have a command ‘pixel_shift_by_row’ that destaggers the point cloud of the sensor. Due to the shape of our detector pixels, the raw point cloud comes off the sensor in a staggered format. Prior to Firmware 2.4, the pixel_shift_by_row parameter was only expressed in positive values, resulting in a slight shift of the image to the right. With Firmware 2.4 we are changing these values to be both negative and positive, centering the correcting image. You can visually see the raw point cloud destaggering below, with Firmware 2.4, and the prior Firmware versions.

Recommended Upgrade

Finally, in Firmware 2.3, we discovered a bug that can cause the sensor to reinitialize under very specific conditions (in certain sensor modes when the sensor is hit with heavy vibration). As a result, we are discontinuing support for Firmware 2.3 and recommend that all customers upgrade to Firmware 2.4.

We hope these new features will help our customers with simpler integrations and quicker troubleshooting. 

You can download Firmware 2.4 and documentation from our Downloads page here

Ouster Sensor Docs

In addition to new firmware, Ouster also has a tool for helping developers quickly find the information they need. Whether it’s firmware, hardware, or integration questions, Ouster Sensor Docs is the one-stop shop for our most up-to-date information. The site allows users to use a keyword search and quickly pull relevant information from our manuals, without having to dig through PDFs.