Forever - A short film, Made Possible By Ouster

Director Mitch McGlocklin's lidar based exploration of humanity's relationship with AI. 

Forever is a non-fiction short film that uses lidar to generate a uniquely expressive aesthetic, casting the spotlight on a protagonist facing self-examination after an Artificial Intelligence algorithm rejects his life insurance application. 

The blend of innovative technology and filmmaking serves not just as a tool, but also as an integral part of the narrative. The film explores how AI leverages data points to view the human world in precise detail, despite its inherent resolution constraints. It metaphorically harnesses the abstraction lidar offers to illustrate how AI, an entity devoid of human emotions and subjective experiences, perceives the world. The film's core metaphor is about the attempt to visualize a data-driven world through non-human intelligence. 

Through "Forever," viewers are encouraged to contemplate the increasingly intimate and complex intersection of our lives with AI technology with the film suggesting deep introspective questions about humanity's relationship with artificial intelligence.

Mitch McGlocklin is an animator and filmmaker from Los Angeles that explores new technologies to tell stories. By utilizing non-traditional methods of image making, his work carries a profound originality that challenges the conventional boundaries of visual expression. This innovative approach allows him to craft imagery that captures the essence of his subjects in unexpected and thought-provoking ways, thus imbuing his work with a unique vitality and depth of meaning. His creations offer viewers new perspectives and invite them to engage in a dialogue about the ever-evolving nature of art and technology.

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