Ouster Lidar Webinars

Ouster Lidar for Smart Infrastructure: Intelligent Transportation Systems

APRIL 22, 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

Ouster is powering more efficient and safer autonomy throughout the smart infrastructure market, from traffic management to security operations. Our smart infrastructure solution brings together Ouster’s high-resolution 3D digital lidar sensors with perception software. Join us to learn more.

An Introduction to Ouster and Digital Lidar


Ouster is building digital lidar sensors for autonomy in the industrial, smart infrastructure, robotics, and automotive markets. Join us to learn more about what we’re building.

Firmware v2.0: Improved stability, performance, and data processing


Firmware v2.0, our first major firmware release of 2020, brings improved performance, new features, and enhanced platform stability. Join us for a deep dive into all these updates and learn why you should upgrade.

Digital vs Analog Lidar


Digital lidar sensors and analog lidar sensors may look similar on the exterior, but inside the two technologies are fundamentally different approaches, with big implications for cost, reliability, resolution, and headroom for future performance improvement. Join us to learn about these differences, and why digital technology is the future of lidar.

Webinar series: How to understand lidar performance

Digging into the datasheets to compare different lidar sensors can be frustrating and confusing. How do you get an apples-to-apples comparison? What tradeoffs exist between specs? Is everything being measured the same way?

Part 1: Resolution and Frame Rate

Explore a lidar sensor datasheet and explain what the different specs mean—highlighting frame rate and resolution. We'll explain how we measure these specs and what tradeoffs you may see between the specs, and why they matter for different lidar applications. Then we break down a point cloud and show how you can observe the specs in the data itself.Watch now

Part 2: Range, Precision, and Accuracy

Join us as we walk through how range and precision are measured for our lidar sensors and explain how they are affected by different architecture choices, lighting conditions, and target types. We'll dig into the physics of what causes these impacts and how you can understand range and precision for all lidar sensors. Watch now

Part 3: Reliability and Ruggedness

Reliability matters. Sensors failing on the job are both costly and a potential safety risk. Join us to take a look at how to better understand reliability metrics, get an overview of key standards, and learn how to think about the hidden costs of sensor replacements.Watch now

Part 4: Lidar Emitters and Detectors

Laser and detector choices determine the performance capabilities, reliability, and cost profile of a lidar sensor. Learn about the different choices in this webinar.Watch now