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Webinar: Deep Dive into Lidar Slam With Kudan

SLAM is one of many methods that provide autonomy to robots. As with many technologies like Artificial Intelligence, SLAM benefits from new advancements, such as lidar and edge computing, to continuously improve and push the boundaries of what autonomous robots can do. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to use Ouster’s integrated IMU to reduce motion artifacts and noise to create a highly accurate map with Kudan Lidar SLAM. Join us on Wednesday, September 14th at 10 am PT to learn more!

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BlueCity Webinar

Ouster BlueCity is a turnkey solution for traffic actuation, planning and safety. BlueCity actuation helps cities and municipalities improve the efficiency of traffic flow through intersections and corridors, reducing carbon emissions and commute times for road users. BlueCity analytics provides reliable, multi-modal data (vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and more) to analyze traffic patterns and safety incidents. We are excited to dive into this solution with you and show you how customers around the world are already using it.

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Webinar series: How to understand lidar performance

Digging into the datasheets to compare different lidar sensors can be frustrating and confusing. How do you get an apples-to-apples comparison? What tradeoffs exist between specs? Is everything being measured the same way?

Part 1:

Resolution and Frame Rate

Explore a lidar sensor datasheet and explain what the different specs mean—highlighting frame rate and resolution. We'll explain how we measure these specs and what tradeoffs you may see between the specs, and why they matter for different lidar applications. Then we break down a point cloud and show how you can observe the specs in the data itself.

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Part 2:

Range, Precision, and Accuracy

Join us as we walk through how range and precision are measured for our lidar sensors and explain how they are affected by different architecture choices, lighting conditions, and target types. We'll dig into the physics of what causes these impacts and how you can understand range and precision for all lidar sensors.

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Part 3:

Reliability and Ruggedness

Reliability matters. Sensors failing on the job are both costly and a potential safety risk. Join us to take a look at how to better understand reliability metrics, get an overview of key standards, and learn how to think about the hidden costs of sensor replacements.

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Part 4:

Lidar Emitters and Detectors

Laser and detector choices determine the performance capabilities, reliability, and cost profile of a lidar sensor. Learn about the different choices in this webinar.

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