A point cloud from an ouster sensor

Webinar: How Fly4Future uses lidar on autonomous drones for the industrial market


Autonomous drones are becoming critical for commercial applications, from rescue missions in dangerous underground mines to efficient railway inspection. In this webinar, Fly4Future showcases their drone solutions for industrial customers and how they’re using Ouster lidar for perception and SLAM.

Autonomous drones are increasingly used for commercial applications, particularly in environments that are not possible nor safe to reach by humans. Lidar plays a critical role for these aerial systems to enable accurate perception, localization, and mapping, especially indoor or in GPS denied environments. This webinar features Dr. Martin Saska, Founder of Fly4Future and Head of multi-robot group at CTU.

Fly4Future, one of Ouster’s drone partners, is a leading drone research company that develops full-stack autonomous drone solutions. By integrating on-board artificial intelligence, advanced computer vision, predictive control and cutting-edge sensors and effectors, Fly4Future builds and sells aerial systems used for outdoor and indoor industrial applications.

What we cover:

  • An overview of Fly4Future’s drone projects using Ouster lidar, including “search and rescue” missions in subterranean environments, drone hunting or localizing sources of ionizing radiation
  • How drone developers can use Ouster lidar for perception, SLAM, and obstacle detection and avoidance
  • Why Fly4Future selected Ouster as their primary lidar partner