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Build faster with Ouster SDK

Powerful tools for building advanced perception software in minutes

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Visualize lidar point clouds in minutes

Pip install the Ouster Sensor SDK and get from raw data to point clouds with a single line of code. Our SDK is packed with prebuilt commands that can speed up lidar development process.

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Unified through hardware, diversified through software for multiple applications

Powered by our digital lidar technology, Ouster sensors are more reliable, higher resolution, and more cost-effective than other lidar sensors on the market.

Our sensors serve as a flexible platform that can be upgraded with new functionality and applications through software alone. This includes the ability to detect different objects and incidents, configure custom zones, and gather precise metrics such as count, velocity, and dwell times.

With just a single Ouster lidar sensor, unlock the detection capabilities of multiple traditional sensing technologies.

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Workshop: Developing with the Ouster Python SDK

In this workshop we do a quick tutorial on how to get started working with the new Ouster Python SDK, and demonstrate how to use a few valuable tools. Join us to learn more. C++ and the ROS have been the traditional tools for interacting with lidar data, but they can be cumbersome for quick prototyping and testing. We have recently launched an Ouster SDK for Python to allow Ouster lidar users the ease of quick development Python is known for, while maintaining the processing speed of C++ which underpins the SDK. In this workshop, we go into the code and walk through how to install the SDK, how to write some quick statistical analysis scripts, and even how to do some more complicated analysis that leverage Python open source libraries. __What you'll learn:__ - How to install the Ouster SDK - How to set up a virtual environment for development - How to run basic statistical analysis on a set of Ouster lidar data - How open source libraries Python libraries designed for 2D data can supercharge your Ouster lidar development

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Easy integration with an open-source cross-platform SDK

Develop on any platform with Python or C++. The Ouster SDK allows developers to bring in their favorite libraries to prototype, develop, and maintain applications more efficiently.

  • Linux x86_64/ARM
  • MacOS x86_64/M1
  • Windows x86_64

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